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Join the Vagabonds!

Seattle Gym Address:

1418 South 103rd Street

Seattle, Washington 98168

Follow signs to the gym located in the backside of the property. Overflow parking is at the end of the street.

Contact and Pricing Info:


Drop in fee: $15 per session

Full Access Membership: $50 a month

Gym Practice Times:

Monday 6:30-7:30pm: Buhurt Striking

Covering all striking essentials, including various weapons training for our unique sport! Practice gear available, groin protection and mouth guards recommended!

Want to try armored combat but you're not in Seattle Area?

Find a team near you with:

Thursday 6:30-7:30pm: Buhurt Grappling

Buhurt grappling rules are similar to Greco-roman style wrestling or Judo. Standup grappling with a focus on takedowns and footwork! Gi's are allowed but not required.

Lynnwood Private Practice Times:

Sunday 11am-: Buhurt Armored Practice

For paying gym members or invited guests only. Sundays are our teams fully armored training day, we move practice to an outdoor arena and suit up first thing. If you're interested in attending an armored practice to try on gear or see what the sport is like before jumping in fully, reach out to our team!

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